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Gta v is original or not


GTA v is original offline or online 

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Download gta san andreas


Hi, where can I download gta san andreas exe file latest version. I mean which website can I download it for free.

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Gta 4 fitgirl stuck at 0.1%


Hello, i have turned off window diffender but still it is stucking at 0.1%

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David Webb  

Gta 4 fitgirl installer


Hello, my gta 4 fitgirl installer stuck at 0.1 what to do now pls help.

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Gta 5 ps3 won't recognize my saves and starts from zero when i updated it.


I downloaded and installed GTA 5 updates (from 1.06 to 1.27) and the game starts from zero and don't recognize my previous saves, how can I solve this...

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Gta vice city woking slow


Hello, Hi friends, when I m play my gta vice city, it work slow, video is working like slow motion. PC CONFIGURATION 160 GB HARD DISK 1 GB RAM ...

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Gta 4 requirements


Hello, can i run gta 4 on my core 2 2.40 ghz cpu with ram 2gb and graphic card 384 mb

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David Webb  

Gta iv installation problem


Hello, I just got GTA IV for the PC. My rig is: CPU: Core 2 Quad@2.33 Memory: 4GB DDR2 RAM Graphics Card: GeForce 9400GT Space: 500GB SATA HD...

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Gta 4 setup has stuck on 0.1%


Setup has stuck on 0.1%. what should I do. Please help me quickly.

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Error while starting gta san andreas


Hello,i installed and registered GTA San Andreas II, but when I double click the game then an error was occuring"Wrong disc inserted, please insert th...

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Gta iv on 2 gb ram,no grapics card and 32 bit.pc


Hello, Can I play GTA IV On 2 GB ram, no grapics card and 32 bit pc?

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Gta iv too slow


Hello all, Well I'm wondering why's GTA IV so slow for me. I'm running it on Windows Vista Ultimate, on a AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (3.0Ghz), with 3GB...

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Gta 4 won't play


Hello, when trying to play GTA IV. Application Failed to Launch. The application you are attempting to launch failed to start. GTA IV may be blocked ...

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Gta 4: cars run automatically? :-o


Whenever I enter into a car (to drive), first I see smoke coming out of the engine** and the car gets accelerated automatically. This really irritates...

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Gta iv cars textures very low or missing


Hello, I have recently installed GTAIV and I decided to add a few vehicle textures mod. Everything was fine for a couple of days, but today when I ope...

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Gta iv runs laggy and slow


Hello,I Bought GTA IV Tommorow And Install ,But It Is Runs Very slow And Laggy.I tried Many Things But Its Nothing Work,I also Install Latest Patch 1....

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Help me how to lock the door of the car in gta san andreas pc game


Hai How can I lock the door of the car in gta san andreas pc it possible..please help me..

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Can i run gta 5


Hello, I have 4 GB ram ddr 2 1 gb vedio card of nvidia Gforce 210 Dual core processor 2.8 ghz Can i run gta 5

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Graphic problem


Hello, I have gta iv on widows 8.1 I run this game but it say your graphic is exceed or... for this game. reduce it for run this game optimally. I c...

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Gta 4 not performing well on my pc plz help


My PC's Config. is Intel Pentium CPU G2020 @2.90 GHz 2Gb Ram AMD Raedon HD 5450 Graphic Card I updated the graphic card specially for the game...

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Gta 4 lagging very much....


Hello, I have a laptop of following specifications- Intel® Pentium® Processor T4400 (2.20 GHz) NVIDIA® GeForce® G210M GPU with CUDA(TM) Technolo...

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Gta 4 requirements


Hello, Someone please give me the requirements to run this MasterPiece please :D:D:D:D:D

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Gta iv never die cheat


Hello,is there any cheats for never die grand theft iv if u av got any new cheats could u send them to me please jamie xxx

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Gta 4 patch


Hello, For those who don't know, there is a new patch for GTA 4, here is the link

Last reply on 18 Jan 2013 by
Mo Mo

How to lock car in gta san andreas?


Hello, can you give an answer?

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How to download gta iv (gta 4) free


Hello, All I have a dumb question: Do any of you guys know where to get GTA IV (GTA 4) free? Thanks, Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 10.0...

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Gta san andreas resolution


Hello, can u please help me I cant open Gta San Andreas it says send error report or dont send. It had worked when I kept it in 800*600 resolution an...

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How to make gta4 faster


hey guys ! I have solution for gta4 ! if u wann to play games fast ! its too simple ! 1) u have too go gat4 folder , wherever you installed ! ...

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Gta 4 and gta liberty city stories


Hello, Can any one tell me what is difference between Gta 4 and Gta Liberty City Stories.. Thanks Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6.13 ...

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Hello, i download and installed gta sanandreas but it gives the error "PLease remove disk from current dvd\cd and insert the original disc in an...

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I cant play gta iv!!!


Yo, I hav Pentium MMX processor,64 MB Ram,10Gb Hard Drive and 8MB Ati Radeon VGA.Can I Play GTA IV??Please Reply Soon!This is Urgent.!! Config...

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Gta 4 lagging on alienware m15x


Hello, I'm wondering why my laptop can't run GTA IV at a reasonable framerate. My laptop is an Alienware M15X, bought just this summer. It usually...

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Gta vice city


Hello, pls hlp, gta vice city will work in computer with pentium 4 intel core and ram 256mbConfiguration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0

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I dont have net so how shoud i install gta 4



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Gta 4 doesn't run smoothly


Hello, I recently bought a new computer and installed GTA4 on it. When I started playing the first time, I ran the benchmark and everything was su...

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Resc10 error in gta4


Hello, i have win7,amd athlon64 4200+ ,nvidia 9400gt,and 3gb ram ,what shall I do to get rid fatal error resc10 in gta 4,please help

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Will gta 4 run on my laptop?


Hello,I am Vinay. I have dell studio 15 1555 laptop. It's C2D T6500,2.1 Ghz,ati mobility radeon 4570 512mb graphics,4gb ram. Will i be able to run ...

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Gta 4


Hello, what is the configuration of my pc need to run gta san andreas game smoothly? I have a HCL ME laptop. Ram- 3 GB, HDD-520 GB, Proccesor-Dual ...

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Gta 4


Will GTA 4 work on : Pentium 4 3ghz 1.5GB DDR Ram ATI HD 4350 1GB DDR2 video memory PLEASE REPLY SOMEONE FAST

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Gta 4 install my pc


Hello, i'm not well up on the latest systems, my pc is a few years old, can anybody please tell me if gta iv will work on my system. my pc is.....

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Gta episodes from liberty city on my hp 6730b


Hello, Can i be able to play GTA Episodes from Liberty City game on my HP 6730b with GMA X4500HD graphic card?? Please help Configuration: ...

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Gta 4 not showing cars fatal error


Hello, I have a 1GB GDDR5 graphics card of AsusEAH5750 amd phenom 1090t x6 3.2ghz processor 4gb ram but still GTA 4 is not showing cars and shows...

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Will gta 4 run on my pc?


Hello, I have a Windows XP NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 will GTA 4 work with this?

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Will direct x 11 work for gta 4 plzzz


Hello, i need help I have direct x 11 but gta 4 wont run y? Configuration: Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 8.0

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How to get best performance on gta 4


Hello, I just got GTA 4, but it runs very slowly. I have Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz Nvidia Geforce 9700m GTS (yes it is a laptop) 4 Gigs of DD...

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Gta 3 liberty city not getting installed


Hello, ive purchased gta 3 but its not eunning and showing u do not have appropriate permission....i have windows 7.... plz answer Configu...

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What is the last mission on gta vice city?


Hello, What is the last mission on GTA Vice City For PS2?

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Gta 4 rep file


Hello, I have gta4 full rip it has a rep.exe and decompresses .rep files.I want to know what kind of compressor did they used Configuration: ...

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Gta iv mega lag urgent


Hi, I've bought GTA IV a few days ago and now i install it, the problem is that when the installation finish and that i launch the game, the game la...

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Gta iv pc can i run it ?


Hello, i was wondering if i can play gta iv on my pc here are my specs : intel(R) celeron(R) 2.80GHz 2gb ram win xp NVIDIA GEFORCE 9800GTX+...

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