SKU011.CAB [Solved/Closed]

 Rajkumar -

do somedy have the file SKU011.CAB, my computer is asking me for this file but I dont have the cd's of Microsoft Officie Edition 2003.


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This is how to find SKU011.CAB or any CAB files related to Office 2003 Professional. Insert the Office 2003 Professional CD. Open my computer, and right click on your CD drive. Then select "Explore" from the list. When the new window opens, left click on the "Tools" dropdown tab on the top on the new window that has opened. Then select "Folder Options" from that dropdown. The options window will now open. Then left click the tab at the top marked "View." A list will appear, then look for "Hidden files and folders" and select "Show hidden files and folders", left click apply and then "OK". Now try searching for the CAB file that your are missing. The "CAB" files should now be visible when you "explore" the Office 2003 Professional CD and open the "OFFICE" folder.
Amazing, this is the kind of help we need. Just a 0 can save us from a lot of work.
Thanks it worked for me to!
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The trick about regedit and sku011-cab is great thank you
Hi, I tried to updated but I changed the wrong field
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anyone who has office 2003 and 5 minutes, please,
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Changing the 2 for a 0 didn't work for me. I deleted the "Delivery" key and it worked! Thank you!
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