Short key for opening a terminal in Linux

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October 23, 2009
 khan -

I had a problem with my mouse. It's not working. Does anybody know the shortcut key to open the terminal? Please help me out! We can open a new terminal after opening the terminal with the mouse by using "shift+ctl+N". I want to open only with the keyboard!

Please help!

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Dear Sir,

Please try using the following shortcut key:

Ctrl + Alt + F1

Thanks in advance!
Thank you

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thanks very much , got it at last
but if user used this short key ctrl+Alt+F1
it will ask login and pwd.

but if user wants to exit then how?

and that too it is taking some extra time than ctrl+Alt+t
How to exit this window??
press Alt+F2 then type gnome-terminal
press Alt+F7 u will exit and back to window