Copying data from one worksheet to another

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I have created a worksheet with 1000 rows of information that has 12 columns that vary with input information. Each row could have 1 or up to all 12 of the columns entered with information.

I am trying to create a seperate worksheet for each of the 12 columns of information to track ALL the information listed in each row.

Would you please help me to create a formula/macro that will automatically feed the information into the seperate worksheets based on a value entered into each appropriate column.



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If I were you, I would experiment with the powers of "SORTING DATA" This can allow you sort all the date of one column into different types of order.
This way, you can zero in on columns that pertain data.
I use it all the time and it's great.

In 2007, go to "Sort and Filter" Select Custom sort and input the rules you wish to apply.
Let's say, Sort column C, in ascending oder. All irrelevant rows will be sent to the bottom and your Meat, so to speak, will be at the top. Use the isolation of these rows to write formulas on another sheet, or different column. (the formula's should stick if you re-sort the rows according to values of different columns)
Play around with it, and I'm sure you could find a solution there.