Computer freezes up on shutdown message also

Arm - Aug 11, 2008 at 10:55 AM
 misteriain - Nov 14, 2008 at 03:33 AM
When I shutdown the shutdown window freezes up (circle stops spinning) and then I have to shut down manually. Also, when I shutdown I get a blue screen with an error message to the effect that it is shutting down my computer to protect it due to hardware or software conflicts. This all happened after Windows Vista SP 1 was installed. It was working fine before.
Could use a litttle help.

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im not great with computers but if its conflicting software then try "right click my computer- click properties-then click device manager-then click hardware" from there you have to figrue out what things to disable that may be conflicting

im not sure if that will help but thought i`d give it a try as iv been in similar boats and its a head f u c k and ruins your day and stresses you out