C drive full no space?

deepz - Nov 4, 2009 at 12:53 AM
 tanvir - Aug 8, 2010 at 01:54 AM
my computer shows that my c drive full and prompts to delete unnecessary files to save the space in the c drive(20 GB)..but there are only few soft wares are which I must have in my computer.i tried to delete some and even then the message pops up again..i tried de fragmentation..and scan for disc errors..can I expand the size of my c drive(i heard that we can do partition ) or format the c drive and re install windows to d drive( 120 GB).how can I rectify this problem friends..?help me

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go to www.piriform.com and download Ccleaner, it's only about 5mb and you can use it to clear up tons of unnecessary files.
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Nov 4, 2009 at 01:16 AM
Dear Deepz,

There are different things that you will have to do in order to free the space being used on your computer. This

will allow the problem to be fixed. Firstly there are many applications that you don't use, remove them from the

program list. Then carry on with the games that you might have installed and have finished up or don't play

anymore. Your Recycle Bin might be over loaded with deleted files that are not important to you. Please empty

the Recycle bin and have some more free space. A system restore also will be very crucial for the matter.

Please right click on My Computer and from Properties, select system restore. You will also be able to make a

system restore by getting to All Programs, Accessories, System Tools and selecting System Restore. This

step will require a restart. Also get to the Temp folder in Windows and delete all the files inside. You will also

have to delete the files in the Temp folder within the path c:\Documents and Settings\Username Set\ Local

Settings\Temp. This will be esssential to restart your PC afterwards. Your browser also contains many

unnecessary files, please clear history and private data. There must have been some offline pages that have

been saved, please delete them also. This should free enough space on your PC and hence solve the matter.

i already done those steps that already given but still it didn't work. . if I do some process in my pc like for example double clicking on my desktop I notice that my free space in my disk is shringking.
I am to suffering though same probm and I was lookinfor solution but I didnt get because c drive is the windows drive so I istalled win vista in drive c is there any way to borrow space from drive d to drive c .
system configuration-
250GB Hard Disk
Core 2 Duo proccesor
Windows Vista
I delete the following:
Go start - find - files and (archives)

Delete the following (no problem) c drive:

- $
- tmp
- prefetch

They have all to do with memory store, I deleted them all and my computer goes on well
and I have 600MB more space.

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EASEUS PARTION MANAGER.(or Partion magic) download it from www.download.cnet.com.its 8.5 MB & easy to use. U can add space into C from other drive.without downloading anything u can do :
1.Right click in My computer
2.click 'Manage'>'Disk management'

u can add space to c by that.

clear ur space.go:
2.type : temp
like this type %temp%,prefetch,recent
3.deleter cokies

U can defrag too.

Thank you.
I don't know why that first guy went on and on about getting rid of files when that would not free up that much space. There is a download called "partition magic", and there are others as well some free. It allows you to merge drives (NOT recommended) or better yet it will allow you to decrease your drive with alot of gigs and move it over to the C drive. Good luck!