My i phone 32GB Made in China memory problem [Solved/Closed]

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my I phone 32GB made in china have memory problem when I open files , camera, picturs, vidicon then its says no memory card and when open File then say currupted partition table tell me its sulation.

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hi pass :1122
Thank you

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Hi Ykupnun,

Thanks for your password 1122. It worked for me.
Please let me know how to make the wifi work with my iPhone China 32GB.

I tried many ways but still failed to connect to the internet.
thank you so much
very good verey man
why memory problem solved ?
tell me
what is this password for? please reply and thanks and how does it solve the problem
Hi Ykupnun,

Thanks for your password.... it really worked for me... thnxx a lot buddy... can u do me a little more favor?? can I install microsoft outlook in china a1241 iphone??
Most chinese iphone provide no flash SD card.
Go to a phone shop and buy one with either 8GB, or 16 GB.
Open the phone, show the shop keeper the empty slot for the card. He will sell you one. Good luck. must format you micromemory first...and you can use again.
Use your data cable and connect it to your pc and when removable file comes in my computer and right click it to format.You better keep your important files backed up or it will also get deleted
thanks so much for info,that's very kind of you regards,more power to you!
I had get same problem
This phone dont have memory, you need insert mini SD card....
I receive an iPhone 32GB from Hong Kong yesterday, put my SIM card in, turned it on, and when my parents was trying to call me, it went straight to voicemail. Also, when I was trying to call someone, it told me "Emergency Calls Only." How can I call somebody without the emergency thing?

By the way, do I need a SIM 2 card for the iPhone 32GB?
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mine is saying no memory card empty can u plz tell me what does it mean
my phone I received from Hong Kong won't play musics...I inserted micro SD, put musics in the memory card, I play the music, and it says "AUDIO CONTENT ERROR" can I play the musics I put in the phone?

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