I want to restore my compaq mini notebook [Solved/Closed]

abishan - Nov 6, 2009 at 12:46 PM - Latest reply:  Deezel
- Jul 2, 2013 at 10:16 AM
My compaq mini is not working properly and I want to restore it to factory ssttings can you please help me email me at abishan9@hotmail.com
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Thank you
f6 on boot

Thank you, jason 84

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How do you reformat on a netbook HP mini 110? f6 does nothing on boot.
f6 worked on mine. restore to hp original factory setttings restore point
Couldn't help much, below a basic concept on how to possibly recover / format HP Mini 110 using USB flash drive - WARNING: FOLLOWING METHOD HAD NOT BEEN TESTED, JUST A BASIC IDEA BUT WORTH A TRY-

-- This following step require computer with DVD / CD drive ---
1) Prepare at least 1GB of USB Flash Drive
2) Download & install
A) Imgburn [Freeware]
B) 7zip [Freeware]
3) Open Imgburn > Choose 'Create image file from Files & Folder'
4) Create Image files (.iso) from Operating System CD/DVD
5) Once finished, open the .ISO files with 7zip (right click on that file > 7zip > Extract)
6) Extract .ISO file to USB Flash Drive

--- Go to HP MINI 110 ---
Try to boot from the above Flash Drive
** If necessary, seek possible option (from BIOS) to boot via USB Flash Drive

Imgburn Download: http://www.google.com/...
7zip Download: http://www.google.com/...
@jason Legend!!
It just worked for me!...thanks..F6 works
Thank you
Well Let Me Tell You This It's A Compaq Mini 110 And It Does Not Have A DVD Drive, So Do You Have A Answer For That?
Press "esc" and then you can get into recovery options
Thank you
I have a hp mini 1000 and my granddaughter set up the computer and cannot remember the password to get the computer to go passed the sign on window. How can I fix this
Thank you
pls I need to format this notebook tonite
Thank you
dancedhall -> You can't. Because first of all, there is no recovery DVD with these laptops, because there aren't any optical drive. You need to make your own recovery DVD by buying à USB optical drive.
dancedhall 3067 Posts Wednesday May 13, 2009Registration date March 12, 2010 Last seen - Nov 6, 2009 at 02:45 PM
Thank you
hi there,

use your recovery disk

put it in cd/dvd drive

boot from it and restore to factory default

buyYourselfaBrain - Jun 17, 2010 at 10:19 PM
do you know what a compaq mini is? they dont have optical drive