Acer aspire one audio driver on high definiti

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No volume coming from the computer, no audio driver acknowledged, keep getting message that audio driver is on high definition audio bus. What the hell is that supposed to imply? How do I get it off high definition audio bus or get it to recognize the audio driver? Would appreciate any straight answers in real english, not computer lingo, I'm extremely illiterate.

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hi there,

right click on my computer>

hardware tab>

press on device manager and open it

expand the list and check the drivers,if in a yellow triangle then you

need to reinstall the driver, use your driver cd and install it

or open run type msconfig

general tab>

select normal startup

hi there ive got the same problem ive tryed what you said but still having no luck have you got any other sugestions?
thank you
Just litteraly had the same problem on an acer aspire m1610 i'm reinstalling vista on for a friend, found an easy solution so if anyone else get's this problem here we go for a nice easy solution

right click my computer, properties
hardware tab
find the one for audio
uninstall the audio device
reboot, making sure your speakers are connected,
Should redetect audio device and reload drivers :)

Simples :)