Salat times on my Nokia mobile phone

 bouzin -

I tried to use a salat times application to get daily islamic prayer times ... but the installation failed on my Nokia E65.

Did anynone installed successfully this kinf of sotfware on a Nokia phone? (I assume they all work the same way ...).

Thnaks !!

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These softwares are definitely not all the same. Some are good some are bad. I tried a lot of different ones but in the end the one that worked best on my Nokia was Mobile Muezzin. I would try this one first so you do not waste time.

I got it at and it sent it direct to my phone with SMS. Very easy install. Working in 2 minutes.

Thank you

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Dear Bouzin,

Please find the required material from the following link:

Hi guys,

Thanks for your advice. I installed Mobile Muezzin as proposed by Omar, and I confirm this works great.

Thank you for this :-))