Problem with BSNL wireless Router

Rao - Nov 13, 2009 at 10:52 PM
 Ashu - Jun 24, 2011 at 02:01 AM

we are provided with BSNL broad band connection in our office with the desktop connected with lan cable from the router ,were as all the laptops are connected through the wireless from router , we have to logon to internet using our BSNL ( wan miniport ppoe connection). due to the problem with existing router the same has been replaced with new router by BSNL ( type nokia siemens residental router -1600) . now we are not able to logon to various laptops like previous even though teh wireless is getting connected , these gets connected to any one computer at a time ,were as remaining are not getting connected and error message is 678. we are behind BSNL they are not able to fix till now . could anybody please help us in fixing these problem!



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You have to set the user id and password in the router itself. then only you can be facilited with multiuser access.

open the internet browser with the address

1. click on WAN
2. edit ppp_0_35_1, connection type= pppoe and clink on next
3. type your username(BSNL Broadband user id) and password then click on next next

4. save and reboot the router, wait a minute to constant the ADSL light.

now your router is connected to internet. you just need to open your browser from your laptops or PCs and surf the internet. no need to connect it from any PC or Laptop.

see you.
manas your suggestion is very useful i m doing the same but after that i m not being able to access facebook and youtube..

can you help me
hiiii manas i tried to connect but the error comes google chrome could not connect to this page

please help me