Skype setup exe is not a valid win 32 applica

 Joe -
i just got a new laptop running windows 7 I downloaded latest version of skype .
j pushed (run) then opend to finnish the setup. Then I got this message/
skype setup exe is not a valid win 32 applucation any way to fix this thanks for any help

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Dear Katt,

This might mean that this Skype version is not compatible with Windows 7.

It might be that Skype application has not yet updated to a version

compatible with Windows 7.

Thanks in advance.
Thank you

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Dear Louis. thanks for your suggestions, I was able to install Skype 4 I seemed I needed to restart my laptop then reinstall Skype again, who knows the mind of a computer.
thanks again Kat

that is will help u you can chosse skype
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Zaher, thank you!