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 Crazy Ivan -

How do I know if my graphics card is good enough to run GTA 4. Do I go? To control panel or what? I'm using windows xp by the way with SP1 Installed. Can you help me find out what my graphics card is?

Thanks a lot!!!

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hi there,

right click on desktop>


display properties you will get it

and you need service pack 3 to run this game on xp


Same song here.
I'm running Windows Vista SP2, I won't list all spects but it's a high end computer, NVidia 9500GS. Anyway, I even bought that RegCure software because so many people were harping how great it was. Well, guess what...I bought it, fixed all error, launched GTA IV aaaaaannnddd!!!!!! I got RMN 40!!!!! ding ding ding!!! WTF does this stinking game need to run? Jeez man. I've played with Compatability mode, still didn't help. Then, I opened GTA IV Read Me folder and read that SP1 is the supported system for runninga GTA IV. But, I'm kinda skeptical, do I really need to install SP1 Vista to play the game??? I mean...I hope Rockstar took it into consideration when they were making the game that Vista will have upgrades n stuff. Or is this "my way or no way" thing?