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Monday November 23, 2009
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November 24, 2009
 madmardy -
Iam trying to get winamp cdg plug-in on to a second screen I can get desk top to display on the second screen but not the graphics display from the plug in
I dont seem to find any help on the forums and Iam sure I am missing something simple but it is really frustrating
can anyone help
Iam using winamp pro v5.56, windows xp ,plug-in MP3+G v1.4.

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Dear Sir,

Could you please give clearer details about the problem that you are facing please.

Indicate what is not being displayed, the equalizer or the playlist. Provide more

information about it so that we can bring you any help.

Thank you.
I run CDG plugin on a second monitor. If I understand your problem correctly, you can just drag the CDG plugin video display over to the second monitor. If you can't do this, maybe you could explain why not?