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Hello, does any one know how to change the regional code on the sims 3 for mac
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Thank you
go to the application> show package content> content> resources> transgaming> c-drive> program files> electronic arts> the sims 3> game> Bin> Then open Default.ini with text edit. Scroll all the way down to the bottom where it says GameVersion = change the end one to 2 or whatever works for you like this GameVersion = then close and save. And that's it.

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thank you very very very much!!! it works!!!
hay I did that exactly except my number was 1.17.00 etc I change the last number between 2-7 none of them worked, please help :(
Billie, try updating your sims to the latest version
there is no "transgaming" folder in mine!!! what else can I do??
love iu!!!!!!!!!!!!