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Dns probe finished no internet on mac


My Wi-Fi connection is working my phone is able to connect, but my mac book keeps saying dns probe finished, not internet when I try to load a page. ...

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Rx 6000 series macos compatibility


Just for reference Navi 21 and 23 are the only RX 6000 version compatible with the MacOS at this time. Navi version support is an Apple issue and r...

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Mac is slow after updating


Hi I just started my 2020 MacBook Pro up and it began starting up very slowly. I thought nothing of it but then went on Safari and it is noticeably ...

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How do i reset password for administrator and name on high siera

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Powerbook g4 no password or install discs


Hello, I bought a PowerBook G4 from an individual without the install discs. I don't have the system password either. I need to delete the previou...

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Reset macos high sierra admin password


I am having trouble resetting my admin password in macOS high Sierra. I tried the steps mentioned here in thread

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How to execute .exe file in macbook


Hello, I just download the msn file to install but I don't how to execute the .exe file. I am a rookie of Apple. Thank you.Configuration: Mac OS...

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I switched to android, but all imessages are going to my mac.


I temporarily owned an iPhone and recently switched back to android. I have disabled iMessage. Yesterday I sent someone a message from my Messages on ...

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My apple id is blocked


Hi, I am having trouble with my Apple account. I haven been told it has been disabled and can no longer update or load apps. I have reset the passw...

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Apple mail taking up 213gb without any email accounts


Hi there, I've followed your guidelines for reinstalling Apple Mail but my mac doesn't allow me to delete any mail files. It's very frustrating bec...

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How to write the at symbol (@) on laptop


How To Write the At Symbol (@) on Laptop MacBook Air in langue Danish or in Swedish?? It will not do with ctrl+2 or alt(left side) +2 have you ...

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Macbook air maintenance


Hello, I'm new to Mac. I bought the retina Macbook Air a couple months ago when it released. I've used Windows for many years, and also have used ...

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Daniel Telele  

Updating my mac


Hello, will i be able to upgrade my Mac OS x El Capitan 10.11.6. iMac (20-inch, Mid 2009) 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo System Configuration: Macin...

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How to type square bracket on macbook pro


Hello, How to type square bracket on MacBook Pro.

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Change mac admin password without the disk


Hello, i lost my disk and forgot the admin password so please can you tell me how to change admin password without the disk

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How to convert graphic image in audacity to jpg?


I have a sound file of my granddaughter's heart beat recorded before she was born. I get a GREAT graphic image when I print from Audacity, but I want ...

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Mac 10.12 and ntfs


how to read a ntfs disk on mac 10.12

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Can't see data on usb stick


Hello, I have put folders onto a USB memory stick, then tried accessing the folders and the content has disappeared? It is a lot of work that I have...

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Unable to get the at symbol


Hello, shift+2 wil not bring up the at symbol Configuration: Mac OS X (10.11.1) / Safari 9.0.1

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Installing whatsapp on macbook pro


can you tell me the way ho to install WhatsApp for MacBook Pro?

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Download chrome at my mac


Hello, how can i download chrome at my mac Configuration: Mac OS X (10.9.5) / Safari 7.1.6

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Macbook pro & voip


How to get on a skype to Skype call on above

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Can't free space for hard drive western digital elements for mac


Hello, I have a WD elements hard drive 2 TB and I have deleted files but the space isn't cleared and I'm just wondering if I go to disk utilities ...

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Mac won't let me right click in excel


Hello, Okay so my Macbook has stopped allowing me to right click to edit my excel chart, Ive tried googling the answer but everything is for windows...

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Restore lost microsoft applications from osx: they were working


Hello, I have Mac OS 10.9.5. It was running all my PC applications, Word, Excel, etc until i 'cleaned' my Mac yesterday and stupidly dropped Micros...

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Macbook pro to tv connection


...i have connected the laptop to the tv with the hdmi cable and audio cable but no sound and when i disconnect the audio NO PICTURE!...what am i doin...

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Backing-up email folder


Hello, I wanted to follow this link to back-up my email folder: For this I had t...

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We would like to submit software on .


We would like to submit software on, PLS tell us how to do, thanks!!!

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Cannot access the key (at)


Hello, Cannot access the key (at) on my macbook pro. Can you please helpÇ, also my question mark , my keyboard is set on Canadian English. Con...

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Excel and keyboard problems on a mac


Hello, i am having a problem with my keyboard in Excel. Every few minutes when I am typing nothing shows up on Excel. If I save the excel file and...

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Mac keyboard key b does not work


Hello, I have a MAC and ANY keyBoard that I attach to it, the keystroke B (lower case) does not work. What recommendations do you have?

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G5 imac windows dvd help


Hi I have iMac g5 series now my OS take to much time so I was thinking reinstall entire OS but he don't have own recovery so I'm search lots of site...

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Can i play blu-ray disc on mac os x?


Lately I borrowed two Blu-ray discs from my friends but I don't know how to play it on my iMac. Do you guys have any idea?

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Forgotten admin password for mac, lost files?


Hello, I recently bought a Used lap top and the owner has told me she never remembered her password. If I follow the steps shown from the "Change Mac...

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I can't download flash player on my mac


Hey, i have been trying to download flash player now for about a week, it goes fine till it starts to download then a pop up comes up saying I nee...

Last reply on 28 Aug 2014 by
saby Bhalla

Leopard os installer does not recognize hd


Hello, Recently my son had the 160GB HD on his Mac Book Pro 15 replaced with a 320GB. The HD replacement was done by a 3rd party and they used dat...

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Any way to undo newly created account? (lost password)


Hello, I don't know my admin/login password and I followed these steps to create a new one:

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Sims 3 ambitions on ipod touch.


Hello, This is not a questions, it is an answer. Go to build more rooms (or whatever it is)extend rooms or make new rooms once you have done that tu...

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I cant get my songs to my mp3 player


Hello, I cant get my songs from itunes to my mp3 player or get the full songs. I got them from rhapsody(i kno its not a good site. I only used it c...

Last reply on 11 Oct 2013 by
Dean martin

Western digital; can't free up hd space


Hello, I have a Mac G5 OS X, v10.4.11, pre-intel, so no PC capability. I am using a WD 500gb MY Book Studio as a back up for photos. I have run out of...

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Can not attach any file at hotmail from macos


Please help, I can not attached any file at hotmail from Mac OS but gmail and yahoo nothing problem Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.0.19

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Miss Bamboo

Syncing songs to ipod without erasing.


Hello, Please if I sync music from windows media player will it erase my other music that I already have??

Last reply on 29 May 2013 by

My powerbook g4 will not turn on!!


Hi there! I was working on my G4 Powermac, with only one program open when I the battery was running low. I plugged it in the wall and the orange ligh...

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Create an apple id without credit card.


Create an apple id without credit card. Please help me.

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How to change a password on imac without cd


Hello, I have iMAC G5, I need to change the admin. password without a CD and I don't know the old password. Please if anyone knows the way how to...

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Powerbook g4 no boot after shut down


Hello, I have a powerbook g4 notebook, I shut it down and left it plugged in for a couple of days, then I tried to powe it up but it does nothin...

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Ipod touch 4th generation - dead battery?


Hello, i received my new ipod touch 4th gen about a week ago, and it worked fine until about a day ago. I was using a older wall charger for chargi...

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My powerbook g4 won't turn on


Hello, my powerbook G4 won't turn on and apple's suggestions for resetting PMU are worthless as they require you to "turn on " the unit to do this. H...

Last reply on 19 Jan 2013 by

I deleted itunes from iphone - i want it back


Hello, I just got a new Iphone. And in my rush to set up I have deleted the itunes icon from the home screens. Does anyone know how to reinstall it...

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Formatting a wd elements 1.5 tb drive for mac


Hello, I just bought a Western Digital WD Elements 1.5 TB External hard drive, and I'm running a MacBook Pro with OS X Version 10.6.2. I'm wondering...

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