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Ronn - Nov 27, 2009 at 01:44 PM
 Sam - May 28, 2011 at 04:34 AM
I've just bought a samsung corby, but I also have a problem with the background?
Can somebody help me?

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set your wall paper like this
open menu
in settings
go to display setting
you will find wallpaper.
open the image and fit that image to your screen and then you will find SET
press SET and see you wallpaper
Hello guys, now no more worry for your corby wallpapers, I am giving away customized wallpapers for your corby, you just have to give me any three pics of your choice and I will make it corby wallpaper for you, and that too 100% free. I will provide you with your wallpaper within 12 hours as I am student, so I am buys.

So to have your own wallpaper, just see my thread

Devesh Golani
Its not some rocket science, who so ever knows a little bit of image editing software can get the job done...
so when did I say? I know some rocket science? if you have time...why dont you open website and help people rather just commenting negative on others?
good one devesh. I appreciate your work.
Well done.....Appretiatable Job Done :-)
Well done.... :-)
The wallpapers are compressed into RAR. There is 6 wallpapers in RAR file 3 wallpaper is for desktop background and 3 is for menu background which is specially created for it.
if you like my work then post your comments.
I have a Corby Pro too... But, i'm encontering some problems with Java apps.

1)For exampler, I have installed the Google Maps App. It's OK. I have evend used it to locate mySelf. But, after closing it, I cannot retrieve it again on my phone. When I try to installed again, the popup tell me the app. exists on my Corby Pro.

The problem is that I cannot find Java apps afetr installing them. I mean I need kind of a shortcut or icon to launch them when ever I want to.

Please help.

2)Also, Video Youtube dont play. It stacks on the buffering (Buffering 0%).

3) The Desktop App for Sumsung "Kies", close by itself when I launch the "Samsung App Store" icon. It tells me "The choosen Application Are not supported by your phone", knowing I haven't choosen any application yet to install.
I click Just on the "OK" button on the popup telling "You have to update your Kies Application at first"

- The kies Application is up to date ( the latest version)
- my phone lnked to the Maroc Telecom mobile operator (Morocco)

Best Regards,
For the java apps, I had the same problem. For some reason it turns out that java apps are all placed under "Games and More" in the menu. If you go there you will see your program icons.

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Nov 28, 2009 at 04:20 AM
Dear Sir,

What is the problem that you are having with its background, please

indicate so that we can help you about it. If ever you see that it is a

problem with the physical components, please get it back to the store.

Thank you.
i have download images from a site n m not being able to save that images in the screen when I do it it get spread all inthe screen n it soes not look good? I have problem in all the images.
Hi frnd..Just now saw ur rply.. First of all tell me one thing r u satsified wit ur display pixels??R u not able to set wall paper prply??Cause I have purchased tis mobi last sunday...I am not satsified with the display..Really I dono y they introduced such a cheap display quality screen for this mobile..
hey the phone is awesome.. you gotta set ur wall paper through settings. u directly cannot set d wallpaper.. try
SETTINGS > DISPLAY N LIGHT > WALLPAPER ..... before u set the wallpaper u need to save the image in phone memory..
Mandal > anjith
Mar 16, 2010 at 06:33 AM
I have done the same, but still its not working
niva > jaypal
Jan 22, 2010 at 03:23 AM

Once you added ur image as wallaper. that image will show in wall paper list while u go to change wallpaper ten u select again the same image u will find that in normal veiw. try it.

helo sir,
my problem is unable to activate my call waiting[activate/deactive] service...

it is indicating as ''unavaible''

please kindly tell me how to get out form this problem...i really need option like call waiting..

please kindly reply back
thank you sir
just go to settings>application settings>calls
Its not the above given option.
Its like...
Goto settings->Application Settings->Voice Call-> Activate
got myself a corby s3653... juz wanna ask if it can play youtube videos? other advices or needed applications to play other media streaming like youtube?
yeah corby plays youtube videos.
i have samsung corby s3653 but I can't play any youtube video :(
u can select any photos as ur mobile background. select any photo from ur mobile photo gallery and use it as any where...
Hi can anyone teach me how to create my own 3 screen wallpaper for my samsung corby? is there a website which I can use to create my wallpaper? tnx
yes I can
pls hv a photoshop software
and go to file option & then New & then Set resolution 720*320
and drag ur three pics on it and set them in this size
hii I have a problem by video display of corby can you help me ?
i have brougth samsung corby GT-B3210 ,
ihave bsnl 3g sim. can use broad band service in this handset.
the best way you can do is throw the mobile to the service centre this will hepl you..
I have a Corby Phone and at first I also thought it was hard!
But then since the size is 720 x 320.
Get 3 photos you like that are 240 x 320 and put it right next to each other. Then screen shot it and blue tooth it to your phone :o) wish you luck
Ya I have your Ans........... You can simply can any pic size 2 1400x1125px then see..........
you can't change your theme .. only you can download a wallpaper :s
ma chuda ke ghar bheto phan ke tko mai deta hun tujhe teri ma da phuda
samsung Corby is the damn coolest gadget at the perfect price...guys get it today...i think its a first touch screen cell spicily for GUYS....ROCK YOUR SELF
hai man, search for tripple screen wallpapers

samsung corby supports wallpaper
but u have to create it by own

bcoz there is 3 wallpaper set

so u have to salect 3 images

and resige it by using microsoft office picture manager

use edit image and resize option and resize it by 240 X 320

and save it
and by using mspaint

join all 3 image and save it as any jpeg file then use it for wallpaper in samsung corby
Hi Dear !
i Am Sending You A link Of RAR. files. first you download it on your computer and than extract all wallpaper to your choosed folder. all this 50+ wallpaper are in 3 slides. you dont need to do creat or edit anything with this. simply download to your mobile and stat to use it all...
samsungcorby!! > nayak
Jan 1, 2010 at 04:31 PM
hi I have a problem i've just gotten a samsung corby and its fantastic but the thing is the background is in 3 sections and I just wanted to ask someone if they knew how to download some directly to the phone or to the computer although I have a mac so I hope you guys can help me and send some links.
Ankit > nayak
Jan 9, 2010 at 08:04 AM
Nayak good job done buddy..
Shabbir > nayak
Feb 11, 2010 at 11:14 PM
thnkx buddy.. thnk u soo much . da wallpaperz u given me is gr8
pats > Shabbir
Mar 3, 2010 at 10:53 AM
hi ples help me in setting wallpaper in 3in one of corby
hii I just got samsung corby I hav an problem in video display can any one help me ???