Stuck in power safe mode, windows 7 dell

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i have a dell inspiron 546 MT with a dell St2010 Mponitor,
it is stuck in power safe mode and I can't get it off, when ever I try to start the monitor it turns itself back off,

the last thing I did was replaceing the PCI card to get wireless into my desktop.

other wise I looked around and try to take the mother board battery out, and take the cords out but I haven't tried to replug the video card.

i've just recenlty purchase it to so maybe the best route is to replace it?

but it's not the monitor because I tried it on another computor and it works fine.

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throw your pc into thrash and sleep when you woke up everything will be fine
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i've tried that also but, the lights keeps staying in amber color and won't go green,
I just went through the same problem. My problem was caused by my Microsoft USB Mouse. If I unplug it, Sleep mode will work fine. With the MS Mouse plugged in, I can go into sleep mode but no way can I take it out of sleep mode without rebooting. I think I read somewhere that Microsoft knows of the problem.I finally just made sure it will NEVER go into sleep mode. Try a fresh reboot without your
mouse plugged in, go to sleep mode and then bring it back.
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I would remove the wireless card. That is the most likely cause of the problem.

Good Luck