1394 connection enabled, I did not enable it

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 Jr - Dec 4, 2008 at 04:20 AM
13 days ago, POP was enabled in my gmail account. As I did not enable it, I was concerned it has been compromised, and that an outsider has access. As I searched my computer settings today, I saw that my 1394 connection was enabled as well, 13 days ago. I did not enable it, to my knowledge and have no idea how it came to be that way. I have been reading about firewire ports and security risks. Is this just a coincidence, or should I be concerned about changing all passwords with banks, credit card companies etc? I have a compaq laptop, and it is pretty much at home or at coffee shops with me.

Any suggestions or help are greatly appreciated.

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1394 connections are usually set to enabled by default when you install operating systems....
Why did you offlined me?