Indentions and spacing

 Leah -

need help!

i have problem with indentions and spacing and correct alignment with word but in outlook window.
im trying to send a message and i cant seem to align the second column of my message.
example is shown below:

1. uiasydasdhashfaf - dfhsakfhjasdhfasdhfsdhfk

2. ashfjghasffsdfhsd - dasgfsdgfhsadgfsdhgf

3. fhsdfhsdhfhsdfhhdfh - ghgfghfhsdgfhsdgfhgsdgf

my problems are those with hypens on it-- as ur seeing it, they are all align and looking very good.
but when i send them thru outlook, upon opening it and more, printing it, those hypens are not align anymore..
tried to use tabs, all kinds of indentions, spacings, but no luck so far!

any help would be greatly appreciated!

bunch of thanks,

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hi there

have you tried to copy and paste the documents in word and then print it because its just that in outlook when you will try to do it sometimes it wont be as you want..

whereas in word you will be able to do it...
yes i did copy and paste, still no luck!
i tried to do it manually thru outlook but still same result.
everything looks good in WORD -the alignment is perfect-- theyre perfect in WORD.
but i when copy and paste or manually do it in outlook, it will always come out that way--
seems that it has its own minds--they just wont align---frustrating!
i tried to check the settings of the WORD in outlooK, theyre all the same with the settings in WORD itself.
does anyone have any solution to my problem?
greatly appreciated!

and hey Kofastamps, thanks much!
anything u find out, i would appreciate it much!