Issues running PC DVI to Sony Bravia HDMI IN

 MaxOrNot -
I have a video card with two outputs - One vga running to my old CRT, and one dvi running to my new Sony Bravia HDMI.

If I reboot my computer while tv 'input' is set to HDMI-4 (the one I have my pc connected to)...everything works great. Both monitors work fine.

However, if I switch over to HDMI1 - where I have my U-Verse signal coming in.....when I return to the HDMI-4 input, I have no signal....and my CRT also has no signal.....until I reboot again...

Do you know what might be happening?

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I'm having a very similar, the exact same, problem. DVI from the PC to HDMI on the Sony Bravia. Because DVI -> HDMI doesn't include sound the PC (DVI -> HDMI) needs to be connected to HDMI1 so sound can come from the 3.5 stereo jack. If I have the PC running into HDMI1 and I connect any other HDMI cable to the Sony, HDMI1 stops working. If all that I have connected is the PC to HDMI1 all is good. Haven't found a solution.

Anyone have an answer?


Thank you

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