Problem with acer 4930

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please help me,
i have install instal win xp to my acer 4930, but sound card no detec.
so i'cant sound on my acer, any one have solusion .........pleeeeeas help my

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Dear Ami,

Please check whether the audio driver is installed and

if it is already installed have it updated to get the sound


Thank you.
Thank you

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Download Realtek Audio driver with HDD(High Definition Audio)for ACER 4930.and install it wil work properly..because Default that support for Vista only ..

Click the link and find audio driver ..u can download easily
im not recommend to buy wireless device is not fuction correctly and acer service centre did not repair my wireless device although still got warranty..=(
I've same problem with you, but i found correct drivers for this Aspire 4930, you can get it from