Switches on then off automatically

 nick -
my computer when turned on it switches off automatically at the graphics card home screen, it did this around 4 times, then when i switched it on the 5th time it wouldnt even switch on to begin with. ive had this computer for about a year and its ran perfectly. however i did not have any virus protection software thus it may be a virus. could anyone help me!?

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Dear Nick,

Please check whether the problem is coming from the

graphic card. If it is not faulty, please have the system

formatted and get a good antivirus software installed.

Thank you.
I don't think it would have something to do with the graphics card as the graphics card home screen is the first thing that comes up on my computer when booted, so really it switches off automatically when booted. My graphics seems fine so i was thinking it had something to do with the hard drive not working properly or the intel core. But now it wont even switch on lol