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when i plug my ipod touch into the laptop, it says i need to download a itunes 8.2 or higher. so when i go to download itunes 9.0 it goes through all the running and then comes up saying a newer version ofQuicktime has already been installed . this instalation can not proceed while a newer version of quicktime is installed. what shall i do?HELPP!!

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Dear Ashleigh,

Please contact them at the following address:

Thank you.
Thank you

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Dear Ashliegh,

Please try uninstalling Quicktime application to see

whether you can have iTunes functioning properly.

Thank you.
i have tryed that , were you go to control pannel and then the uninstall programs thing , it will not uninstall :S and itunes still will not download :\ x
Hi I had the samme problem with my iPod.what it is is that your computer has a similar program already downloaded so everytime you try to download the iPod program it says that you have already downloaded a higher one as the other program has a higher rate. You need to contact iTunes and they will sort it. I hope this helps
thank you ! i will try that :) how did you contact them may i ask ?

I have that same problem all the time. you just have to be patient untill you can find the answer to your problem