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I just bought a new laptop and I have tried to create new partitions seperate from C drive..
I am successful in creating one with 50GB going thru as shrink volume from the C drive.

but when I try to repeat the procedure for creating another drive partition it is coming up as unallocated and when I try to allocate it says that the total num of partitions are reached and cannot allocate this one now.
but the new 50GB is not usable now and it is not shown up anywhere..
how can I fix this?

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Once we exceed the No. of Partitions in Windows 7/ Vista using MBR (Memory Boot Record) process
I also faced the same issue. and I've one solution that we can recover the unallocated space back to existing Primary Partition.
1. Open: Control Panal -> Administrative Tools-> Computer Management window
2. Click on Device Management
3. Right Click on Primary Partition, Select Extend volume
4. Wizard will open. follow the steps. enter the Disk Space. and next next (tilll finish)
will reallocate the space into Primary partition.
5. you can add the unallocated memory to either Primary partition or Logical Partition while selecting Specific existing drive initially (Extend Volume option).
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brrilliant! Its really work!
thanx 101% work! better than the 3rd party apps..
Sir, U r really great. Thanks a lot.
Thanks! Worked great.
I Think u have created Primary Partion, Max we can create only 4 primary partion. Better u can delete one primary partion and create one Extended partion. In extend partion u can create logical drivers.