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 Colman -
am kelvin i have such a very imortant filr in flash disk but whenever i do open it what comes out is the crazy msg about love stuffs and this is what comez out:" Sorry I am really sorry. I don't want to do it again. This is my first and may be the last if you agree to help me.

Do you want to get your files back? That is so easy just do this. I want you to write a mail to
stating how much I loved her.

You know… I gave her everything I had, my heart my phase…. all what I can and had but she gave me nothing
except pain. Now she leaves me alone and I am felling now empty inside. I can't to live without her. That is why I
burnt your files. I know may be this file is vital for you as your mail is for me. Be sure I will give your files back with
out any damage. Be sure and trust me.

Take a minute from your busy time and write a nice message to her. Then you will get all your files as befor.

Thank you for your cooperation. And I hope you will give me a pardon for my miss use of knowledge. I did it
because I left with no other option" . can you please hlp me coz i dont know where this came from and its for all files which are in microsoftword

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hi there,

you posted your message on wrong forum

please do needful to post it on correct one

Thank you

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Sorry homie!! that shit happened to me too, i dont knw whos the prick and i still didnt get ma files back....