Want to connect a G1 to wireless laptop

 rye2001 -
I am in the basement and can not get free wireless and so I want to use my G1 that cost a lot per month as a modem. Could someone please tell me what to do?

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download pdanet (for android) on to computer, and this will do it for you,
you will also have to connect the phone to the usb on the computer.
Thank you

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hi there,

please give more information

to b able t help you

You have to root your phone. google key word g1 root. then you need to READ READ READ.

When your phone is rooted. you can download the off the market application wifi tether.

once you have tetther and root. you can turn the wifi app on and there you go. you have a wireless internet connection that runs faster than the old school 56k modems but just not as fast as your home connection. It is good enogh to watch video on the go. google searches are about 1 to 7 seconds.