How to connect phone to laptop?

How to connect phone to laptop?

This article will show you how to connect a phone with a computer via Bluetooth. Once paired, the devices can share information — such as photos, videos, or files — between one another with no need for a network connection.

How to use Bluetooth to pair devices?

The location of the Bluetooth capability can vary between phones, but in most cases, enabling the feature can be done in your phone's Settings. Android users can turn on Bluetooth by heading to Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth and turning the feature ON. iPhone users can find the Bluetooth feature by going to Settings > Bluetooth and flipping the switch ON.

Once Bluetooth is enabled, it will be visible to other devices with Bluetooth capabilities.

Most recent notebook models come with Bluetooth enabled, but users do have the option of disabling the option if they choose. Check your system settings to disable the feature.

Once Bluetooth is enabled on both devices concerned, it is time to establish the connection.

  • Click the Bluetooth icon (represented by two right-facing arrows with a small tail) to display available devices.
  • Then, select the device with which you'd like to pair your device.
  • The devices will begin the pairing process. You will know when they have "found" each other when the "host" device is prompted for a password.
  • Create a password (or use the one given), and insert the password into the prompt on the other device.

Once the devices have paired, you will be able to send files between them.

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