Built in wireless adapter stopped working.

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Hello, I have restored my computer fully to the point where its brand new, ive also reinstalled window vista for my computer (Dell). Now when I try to log on the computer from my laptop it wont allow me. Ive never had this problem when I first got the computer. Now the Wi-fi button & light wont ctivate when I press it, causing me not to be able to get on the internet on my laptop. Also the wi-fi adapter is built in the laptop ,however its still not working. What do I do?

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try to turn on the WiFi using the software switch. probably it is disabled that's why the light is not lit even if you switched the physical switch to on, or you can try to uninstall/reinstall the WiFi driver.
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if its not working maybe like me u can just disable adapter like for 8 or more days and when u click it again it will turn on (maybe xD)
this is the same problem as mine and now when I try and the the wifi switch on my laptop still wont turn on and where I usually go to get my wireless internet in a document called 'wireless connections' where it tells me what wireless connections are around my area wont come up.. this is all the same as your problems because I rebooted it and asoon as that happened now its buggerd up.. please help me? write abck to me on my old email 'amb_rules10@hotmail.com'
much apreciated
This has also happend to me I am using wired connection atm but I really need the wifi back anyone know how to fix this ? e-mail me on lee-_13@hotmail.co.uk