Windows vista won't see 4 speakers

Ali - Jan 3, 2010 at 09:14 PM
 sheik - Aug 1, 2010 at 12:05 AM
Ok I'm pretty sure this is a Vista issue but I'm tearing my hair out.

I have a Creative Inspire 4.1 4400. It has four speakers and a sub woofer.

I cannot for the life of me get Vista, Sound Blaster X-Fi CMSS-3D to see that it is no longer being pinged by the L/R speaker: Creative SB X-Fi. Which is the only speaker it'll see, there is no other selection I can make/change.

The other lovely thing about Creative's 4.1 speaker system is that it does not have a driver, I can't dl anything to wake up Vista to this speaker system.

I have configured the sound to 5.1 surround and have activated the sub woofer but when it tests the speakers the front L/R play and then the front will play for the rear L/R.

I've tried disabling Digital In in the sound levels in speaker properties with no new results.

At the moment having a sub woof is fine but if anyone has anything new for me to try please respond

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you need not put both for front. Actually when connected properly rear speakers will work when sound comes for the third and fourth channel. In winamp to make the rear speakers work you have to install A3D_Output_Plug-in to get sound from all four channels. For remaining i dono. Else visit