Outlook 2007 Crashes every time I open it

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Hello, I recently bought Outlook 2007 as I have had ongoing problems with downloaded versions of Outlook.

Now, whenever I open Outlook 2007 (Windows XP) it opens, connects to the server, and then updates. A few minutes later though, it says that it has encountered a problem and needs to close (and then re-starts). I checked the forums and have now un-installed the add-ons (it kept telling me that my mobile add-ins were crashing) but this has not fixed it. I am connecting via cable internet as I thought perhaps my wireless was causing troubles, but this too has not fixed it.

Now, after a few minutes, an error message pops up in the right of my screen saying that the Outlook folder did not close properly the last time I closed it. It shows the location of my outlook folder (ie C:/Programs/Outlook etc) but I can't read the rest of the error message as Outlook shuts down before I can read it all.

Any ideas? This is driving me nuts. Thanks!

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Thanks, but I've tried that several times already and had no luck. I've tried re-installing, disabling all firewalls..everything!! I am so stumped. Any other ideas?
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Just reinstall the application, it should be ok by then, check your firewall as well and your anti-virus settings !