Mozilla will not open links for me.

hahauwish - Sep 10, 2008 at 01:01 PM
 xxxxx - Nov 15, 2012 at 10:01 AM
this problem is off and on for me. upon opening mozilla and trying to click on links or just requesting reg. websiters liie google nothing happenes. it says done in the bottom left corner but nothing has happened I am on same page. Only after clicking on the link over and over again does it open. sometimes it works fine, one click and bam im there but latley its been real jammed up. I am running two 70 foot cad5 lines to a router in the livingroom. could the length of this cord have something to do with it? I unplug then plug in the power to my modem router several times a day but problem still persist. can you help me out? thank you

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Try to disable the add-ons all and see it work on not. If work, then enable it one by one and check which one cause this problem. In my case, it is the skype extension causes this problem. After disable it, everything works fine again.
thanx eric
i solve that problem ...

u are right that the skype extension cause the problem ...when I disable it then I didnt get any proble

thanxx n cheers
Eric, you are my hero!
Tnx sooo much!!!!!
Thanks Eric! Xmarks 3.9.9 was my problem. I disabled it and restarted Fire Fox and all was well again. I am now able to click on links within my email (Entourage) and they now pop up as a new tab in Fire Fox. Thanks again!
excellent it works
For me this works. Change the value of network.protocol-handler.expose-all to true!
try disabeling the google toolbar add on.... it worked for me!
Thanks Elma, but I don't have the google toolbar.
timoshina > chyann
Feb 14, 2010 at 10:51 PM
Alright, after hours of researching, I found a solution! Here's what you need:

- Install "Trojan Remover 6.8.1" (can be downloaded by torrent here

- run trojan remover

- press file->Scan for Active Malware

- It should find task named GWKAU (C:\Windows\system32\sk-SKP.dll ) that is in-use/locked. Program will ask you to restart.

- Restart :)

- Now you have no problem with this Sh*t!
This has been happening to me all day today! Now I'm forced to use IE. ( I do SEM and Chrome isn't supported by MSN.) LAME.

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when you have window xp the default is internet explorer's try updating it
worked for me :)
on mac, it was password exporter - thanks for the tips!