Some observations on Chinese prod in general

prashanth - Jan 7, 2010 at 10:45 AM
 prashanth - Apr 15, 2014 at 07:25 PM
January 7th, 2010 at 17:12 An exx article if, when U r revueving an invitation unit.He should have atleast looked out for other imp factors like easy service backup from a cooperative dealer or atleast a Srx Ctr which could do the needful.Srx,! And so soon u may say.Yes this is the prob that I faced when I brought a Br new product 4m B,lore(i hate calling it Beng{:-\)The biggest tip I must suggest at this point is 2 lay spl emphasis on the protocol. buyer beware.Pz open ur eyes,ears n all other senses like common sense 4 one.I reasonably asumed that these products like all of of the rest work fine scince they were Br new look gd n have a decent Srx back up which I assumed wrongly that I would not ever need in the first place.How wrong I was.first I got the 1st shock when I realized that the units CDMA,one that was my primary SIM just would not work. No matter what.Then started the really laborious procedure of going Bk 2 b,lore,spending 3 days at a hotel trying 2 identify the prob, trying 2 get a refund from the now extremely reluctunt shopkeeper,who earlier was an ext friendly n cooperative charecter is now suddenly uncooperative n even went 2 the ext of declaring that the unit was perfect 2 begin with.The rest of the shopkeepers suggested that the real prob was with the IMEI No,n asked me 2 get it loaded with a Br new No at the corner shopwho promply declared that not only was the No loaded but the No that they were refering 2 was not the IMEI No ,but an ESN No as these suposedly are the equiv nos 4 CDMA based instruments V/s IMEI 4 the gsm based versions.a long winded trip 2 the Reliance office quickly con4med my worst fears,they said try ur SIM on another Inst,if that works then there is no such prob 4m our side as 4 as the SIM or Srx is concerned.which was correct as i found out later.After looking Hi n Lo 4 a cooperative Srx Ctr ,I quickly con4med my worst fears. No1 was ready2even touch a Chinese Mbl even with a long pole ,no matter how good it is or how much u pd 4 it.After convincing some 1 to take a look at it ,it was returned saying that nothing much can b done as there is a serious prob in the Inst. But 2 honourably recover his Srx charges, he gave it Bk2 me after sustituting it with a dud battery.(the unit uses a Nokia compat Batt. 2 top it all even the otherwise brilliant camera is not wkg now. The sad truth is no matter what the Chinese product is,the reality is best summed up by a electronic showroom dealer at Lajpat Rai Mkt2 whom I had approached when I had probs with a new&costly VCD(@ that time)4 Srx. ShopKeeper:Arre saabji,hum sub item barabar karte hain. lekin yeh Chainese item nahin karte. Me: Kyu Chainese item banene wale aadmi nahin hain kya?Shop Keeper:nahin saab baat yeh hai ke Chainese items sab proprietry saaman istimal karte hai, usme qc nahin hain! Ye sab ueje an throw hai.Me:Aapne bilkul sahi farmaya ke Chainese items sab ueze n throw hai bhai, lekin maine ueze nahin kiya tho throw kyu karu ?SK:Aap to bahut badnaseeb nikle saab,shaiyad apki kundli uski saat nahi jamti....(:-/...any way my warm rgs 2 all n take care(Esp when u buy Chinese)..look i mean it ok!Prashanth 4m Mangalore...
By the way would some 1 out there suggest some 1 of some authority on the subject down here who could take a close look at my unit n suggest some1. I,m particularly cautious as there are plenty of jokers who mascerade as a real authority on the subject. U could tap me on .com or SMS me on .

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Jan 8, 2010 at 03:32 AM
Dear Prashant,

As you have observed and stated, it is the real thing about chinese mobile phones. There are many china mobile phone users who complain about these.

The reality is that these phones can only be used for making calls and sending and receiving messages. There are many things that can't be done with these clones. The first thing that will assure their distributors is that they don't offer any warranty on these phones. Obviously its cheap priced will attract many people.

These phones do not support any software or applications that those already prsent on them. This is the greatest disadvantage that these types of phones have. The distributors don't inform the purchasers, otherwise these products would not be sold.

You won't even be able to release internet settings on these phones. Some don't even possess any browsing applications. When you will contact your network provider for obatining the GPRS settings for the phone, they will request you for the IMEI number. This number is used for retracing the manufacturer and hence they are unable to have any contact for getting the settings.

The IMEI is what will distinguish real phones from chinese clones. Next time, you get to buy a phone, do check the IMEI and never buy phones taking in consideration only cheap prices.

Thank you.
Stumbled across the reply to my prob some time bk.thankQ,ThankQ4Taking the time n trouble2 reply2my observations...