Firefox 3 doesn't load the HOTMAIL web site [Closed]

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I have just installed Firefox 3 on my system (XP - Professional), but it doesn't load / open the hotmail account at all, and says "Server not found". But on the otherhand IE7 is working fine.

Plz help me ASAP.



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Hotmail works intermittently for me.

I am using FF3 with NoScript and CS Lite (cookie manager).

At first I get the screen prompting me for the Classic Version. But occasionally, by revoking either the NoScript or Cookie permissions and revoking proper permissions. Hotmail live loads. But If I go away and come back it reloads to the prompt screen.

However in staying in my email account, I can still move emails around by drag and drop.

Also my OP system is Windows XP Pro.
Firefox is VERY much more developed than Internet Explorer in every sense of the word. Microsoft is out to steal your money, patience, and time waiting for things to work, or load.

Open-source is the future, Linux is the future.

Viva la Linux!
2 years on and hotmail still does not work on firefox 3.6.2! why??
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hey there,

firefox 3 is almost a new system and has not yet undergone all the tests supposed to be done and why dont you want to remain with your ie 7?