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I'm facing a stupid problem, I have 7000 message in my inbox ! and I can't take ride from it ! I need to find a way to empty my hotmail all at once ! anyone have ideas ?
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Hey guys and girls.. its simple If u wanna delete multiple messages but you do not have Outlook or the windows live mail in ur pc. Just login to hotmail and go to your inbox. Then hit :

S and A [yes the S and the A key] then the delete key. keep doing it and pause sometimes to see if its deleted. I got rid of 25000 mails like that.

Thank you, Andy 120

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wow thats amazing I deleted over 3000 emails in about three minutes, you are a life savour! (L)
thanks.. it really help.. in 2 minutes, I deleted 2000+ mail.
I can only say, thank you, thank you, thank you, I was able to delete 3000 + messages in minutes. You are a genius.
right click the INBOX, then , click EMPTY FOLDER, wait 3min, then WILL BE EMPTY..
Thank you
right click the INBOX, then , click EMPTY FOLDER, wait 3min, then WILL BE EMPTY..
Thank you
Only way I've found is to use a different email client. You can use Microsoft Outlook, or the free Microsoft Outlook Express (now named Windows Live Mail). If you set one of these up to connect to your Hotmail account you can select all messages for deletion in one go. I don't think Hotmail itself has any way to do this, and its a major pain to have to page through dozens of screens if you have thousands of messages to delete!
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I log I am using my iPhone and there is no box at the top!! What do I do??? I have over 800 email that I need to delete ASAP!!! Please help!!!!!!! Thanks so much...
When you say "delete all at once" I think you'd like to not have to repeatedly do the delete all for how ever many pages 7000 emails would populate. While there is a quick way to select all on a page (maybe 35 at a time), that isn't what you want to do - right? I think I'm like you and want to do all messages without paging thru them - anyone?
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The easiest and fastest way is to use windows live mail and press ctrl+a+delete.
i don't think it is currently possible to do it quickly otherwise.
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click on the little box next 2 the email, then once they have all been clicked press delete which is at the top of your emails
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yeah, click manage folder and then next to it it will say empty, click it.
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Wahoo I had 8000+ emails, and I just opened up my email client that came with the computer which was windows live mail.... pressed ctrl+A then hit delete! and theyve gone.. finally! :)
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cant you notice a small box where you can tick and when its done just click on delete and it must be ok
place is full of idiots
No we did'nt.
Thank you,
You have helped us all greatly. . . .
Thank you
hello there answer to your problem..at the top of your emails theres a small box at side of sort by date..click this box and it will select all box`s on each page then delete...hope this will help you...have a great day..enjoy.. leeby
GRRRRREAT! tax alot!!!
that only deletes one page of messages, i'v got over 100 pages, so thats not an option
Thank you
I had the same problam!
Ino how to do it now!
I had over 3,000 and I definetly was NOT going to take 3 hours of my time to delete ALL of my messages.
Its quite simple realy. All you do is click "SortBy" at the very top of all of your messages. (below the "Delete" button) then when you've clicked on "sort by", you click "Delete". And keep on clicking "sortby" then "delete" until you have erased the amount of message you wanted.
Happy to help!
so how long will this take with 7000 messages and over 100 pages? People are missing the point of the question. How do you delete all messages in one go, not page by page?
right click the INBOX, then , click EMPTY FOLDER, wait 3min, then WILL BE EMPTY..
finnaly really your the only one who understood thank you