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I cannot open MS Office Basic Edition 2003. I keep getting a message that says, "Missing BASIC11N.MSI file"
I am missing the installer file. I have researched the problem on-line and found others had the same problem but the only solve was to insert the cd and re-install. I do not and never have had the cd so this is not a possibility. Any solutions to bring back this 2003 edition? There was one suggestion that when the program was initially installed using the cd the MSocache (setup.chm) copied the files. It is in the hard drive. Can anyone verify that this is true and help me find that file so that I can get it to re-install my missing file?

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I suddenly was receiving the same message "Missing BASIC11N.MSI file"although I had done nothing new to the version of Excel that I have been using for several years on my computer. It said I was missing the Installer File for MS Office Basic Edition 2003 and needed the disk.

After searching the web I stumbled across someone who suggested that inside the "Office11" file folder set up a new file named "XLStart". I thought I would try it - IT WORKED! My Excel files start right up. It is an empty folder, nothing more than a name.

So here is how the entire path lookswith XLStart being the new file folder:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\XLStart
I had the same problem. Your solution worked for me. thanks so much.
It's the best solution to create this folder. Excel works perfect now without any installation. Thank your very much.
I also tried the fixed today and IT WORKED!!! Amazing!!
Wow, thats crazy that it actually worked.
I am impressed!
It worked for me! First time, simple to follow and successful.

Thanks you have solved a major problem for me.