I can't download itunes

darthlord - Jan 10, 2010 at 03:12 PM
 Blocked Profile - Jan 11, 2010 at 05:33 AM
for my brithday a got an itunes card with 25 dollars to spend in itunes so i went and download itunes to my computer and when i download itunes i press the program to set it up and it said it was had an eror with the machie it said it need a windows xp for my computer so what do i do

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Jan 11, 2010 at 05:33 AM
Dear Sir,

Please try seeing whether you can have the program downloaded

and saved instead of running it directly. This might solve the problem

in question. If ever you don't succeed downloading, you can stilll have

the possibility of managing your iPod without the use of iTunes. Please

find how to do it by reading the below tip:

Managing iPod Without iTunes