My computer wont recognize my mp3 too

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Hello, im having the same problem... I got a zune not to long ago so i havent been using my Sonicstage but i found it the other day and i wanted to get my music off of it to put it on my new zune.. but it wont recognize my sonic anymore. i tried updating the software but no luck. does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem?

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Dear Sir,

This problem might be coming from the fact that the driver that you are using needs to be updated, This should be the reason why the Mp3 Player is not being recognized. Please get the Mp3 player plugged through the use of the cable and the get the the computer properties and select hardware. From there, get to the Device manager and check which driver has an exclamation mark on it and hence get it updated and hence settle up the matter.

Thanks in advance.