Showing black screen when turned on

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im having a problem.. i opened my computer to put in the floppy drive to install a wireless mouse driver i put it in.. closed the computer.. turned on the computer and now i think the gfx card or something blew because it boots up and everything fans and all.. then the monitor shows nothing.. just black.. anyone??

i have a total custom computer nvidia radeon 9800, msi motherboard, ect.. anyone?

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and im using windows xp btw..

Well thats not the problem..

"This commonly happens upon start-up right after the Windows logo appears. This is most likely NOT due to the computer monitor itself. You can check for that, though, by swapping the monitor and attempting to start up the Windows XP computer. If the same thing happens, than you have just proved that theory wrong."

i dont see any windows icons or anything its almost as if i dont have a chord going from my monitor to the gfx card... i'm now to believe its a block board.. either mobo or gfx card :-/

anything else?
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sadly Nope. I dont have any other suggestions, I myself have the same problem. I might take my PC to a repair Shop. =( good luck with yours
dear mr/mrs

i chooise wall paper , and i save it, when i turn off and then turn on my pc the wall paper dis play.

howc can i solve this problem

with best regard