Dell laptop 1545 wireless can't connect

 cathy -
Just received my new dell laptop 1545 and cannot get internet connection at all. I have windows 7 o.s. Called dell and they can't see any resolve other than to refer me to a higher tier that requires more money be dished out on a brand new laptop...ridiculous!! I have disabled all firewalls and have Mcafee not Norton. Help!! Any suggestions?

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Hi there,

Do you have wireless network available at home or in your range?Are you able to connect vial lan cable?please give more information.

hi..yes home network and it works with cable
> sophmom
same problem here, have got a dell inspiron mini 10. I can connect via a cable but not with wireless. it just says acquiring network address for ever!
same problem here. It's a piece of crap.
i have a dell inspiron 1545 laptop wireless net card dosn't work .instaled driver software but system not rejected whay?
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I have a dell inspiron mini and the Wlan mini card doesn't seem to pick up a good enough signal for me to get the internet, is there a switch on the mini card or something, or a way to boost my signal, i saw a different laptop on the internet and he removed the battery from the back and took his card out and it had a switch, does my laptop mini have anything like that?
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Make sure wireless adapter is installed and it works well, you can go to device manager to check and confirm. In addition, you can have a look on this Windows 7 wireless adapter configuration article, see whether can help.