Sims 3 cheat codes

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I thought I posted this yesterday but I can't find my post.
Anyway, after transferring my Sims 3 game, acutally I installed it on a new computer with the disc. I followed the instructions in the case regarding downloading EA from the old computer before installing the game on the new computer. I had built an 800,000 house and didn't want to lose it. Well, sure enough it wasn't on the new computer. I finally figured out that I needed to go to documents,EA,the sims 3, saves and found my house. I then downloaded and put on my new computer. All is well. Ah, no, only some of the cheats work, and of course the one I want, family funds, is not recognized. I tried the help and it lists what cheats are there and family funds isn't. Does anyone know where the cheats are (file, encoding, whatever). In the meantime I had to go to my new computer and delete the save I had, go back to the old computer, do the cheat, download and put in the saves. That works, but I sure don't want to have to go thru that everytime I need a cheat. Please help-this is frustrating. Also is there a way to play the game without the disc and without a crack??

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No there isnt a way to play tesims without the disk as the info for your games is temporarily saved on it, also you might need to type in testingCheatsenabled true to be able to use most of the cheats for sims 3, as for the family funds, make sure you leave the spaces between the info, but if you type in testingCheatsenabled true then there should be no problem an the game will recognise any cheats you use
You have to type in (cheatsenabled true) and the the cheats will work (motherlode) is the code for 50,000 simoleons