Acer aspire 5732z drivers

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can anyone tell me where to get the basic drivers for acer aspire 5732z drivers LAN,Sound,VGA drivers plzzzz

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The vista drivers on the acer website will work for all except the wireless and VGA drivers those you need to get on your own still working with these two.
Thank you

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Hi, in this site:
acer aspire e525 drivers same for aspire 5732z
he asked for XP drivers, read before answer, you mighty.

Select notebook > aspire > 5732z
they have drivers only for vista and win7 ..... but where I can find for xp?
just go to acer official site there fine your laptop model and search for drivers utility. u will get the drivers.

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You will get all the drivers for your laptop on official Acer website,follow the link below :

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why even bother, when I clearly just provided him the details?

gracias me fue de mucha ayuda
Mr. Johan, thanx E525 same drivers for aspire 5732z

it works so good,

thank you again
where can I download drivers for aspire 5732 z for vista
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go to

select notebook > aspire > 5732z

download the relevant one.