Alt-F10 does not work

 Jepi -
Hello, Netbook - Acer Netbook 751H-528K

Got the windows screwed up so did the Alt F10 thing and get "missing operating system". I tried this several times so tried to restore using a genuine XP boot disk. Install went fine but get the "missing operating system" message again. I have since tried Vista, Easy Peasy and Suse 11.2 - still the same msg. I even tried the Alt F10 thing again. Still the same. Acer want nearly $150 to "reimage the disk" does anyone know how to get this Netbook working again?


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when doing the alt f10 you are probably not doing it right.i had to hold the alt down and then hit the f10 at the right moment.trying at the same time you miss the moment
Sam1010 is right, I couldn't get Alt+F10 to work for me, but once I hit Alt+F10 right at the Acer Splash screen, it worked. Thanks Sam!