I cant log in my new email in my friendster

 nene -
can u please me?i change my new email add in my friendster
but i cant open it..can u please help me?

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Dear Sir,

Please contact the Friendster Support in order to get the problem solved.

Thank you.
i cant log in to my new email account.i change my email address from rhodoralee@gmail.com to rhailee@gmail.com.also i change my password from livestrong to rhailee1975.it is possible to change it in rhodoralee@gmail.com and the password is rhailee1975?pls.help me

Dear Rhai,

Please indicate whether you have already confirmed the account for it needs to be confirmed to have the possibility to use it.

Thanks in advance.
i need to verify my friendster first before i can log in my friendster account... but i dont know where can i receive my mail,,,,,?i forgot my mail.
can i receive my friendster email ffrom my marylynz_@yahoo.com to my sweet16prettygal@yahoo.com account..? please help me ..........