BLUE SCREEN - hang / reboot ... please HELP !

abha - Sep 23, 2008 at 10:46 AM
 therealme - Nov 26, 2014 at 06:35 PM
I noticed after reading thru some of the posts that you people are very helpful here. Like Ibby.
I have been facing this problem for last few months on my IBM T60 Laptop running XP Pro OS. I get a blue screen and then the computer hangs ... showing some NMI parity check. It would boot up only when we press the power off button and then press on again - but in whole booting it wud go directly into the same blue screen. The only way possible to get my data was to boot uo in safe mode... where it seemed to work ok. I went back to IBM .. they cudnt do anything .. they said they changed the motherboard, updated the BIOS, and formatted my HDD....this is like in April. Then the notebook seemed to work fine for a few days.

Yet again the blue screen started in May first week ... however this time it was a lesser problem though still a problem. While working suddenly ... after a few minutes of work but still randimly, the screen wud turn blue and now showed Memory Dump and then then ut wud reboot on its own... this used to happen anywhere from 5 minutes repetion to 1.5 hours... I tried changing the single sodimm of 1 GB into a single SODIMM of btranded same specs memory of 2 GB thinking that something may be wrong with the memory, and the problem worsened. Now it felt like it wasgoing into some kind of a loop... the rebooting was happening within every 2 minutes. I changed back to the original 1GB SODIMM, and got back to the same status as described above. The problem happens suddenly .. and I have not been able to find any corelation to any particular software or internet or wireless commectivity with this error. Usually I am just using ... WORD, EXCEL , MS OUTLOOK, MSN MESSANGER , ADOBE ... nothing niche actually

Spoke to IBM techincal guys .. they said software problem. I spoke to Microsoft ... and gave them the error code... that used to come everytime the PC wud reboot.. saying something lilke ...




BCCode :10000007F
BCP1 : 0000000D
BCP2 : 00000000
BCP3 : 00000000
BCP4 : 00000000
OSver : 5_1_2600
SP : 3_0
Product : 256_1

Below the above error signature is the following info in the same pop up screen / window





This was a month ago. Microsoft said this is hardware problem due to overheating of the machine perhaps. Anyways rather than going to the Ibm guys as they suggest the easiest is to reformat which still didnt serve the purpose since the last time ... so I tried doing some more investigation or else buy a new laptop.

Someone told me to download CCLEANER and try fising the registry and also clean away most unwanted problems.
Well indeed it did fix up a lot of registry issues... so it seemed. And for a 2 weeks the machine was perfect !! I thot I had saved myself.. But again for last few days .. the same rebooting started... and has happened 3-4 times in 2 weeks... the error is the same MEMORY DUMP and the error report contents are as follows -( the file names or memory dump names have changed )-

The latest error message now shows the following error message when it is sending the error code to Mictrodoft if I check the details as -


The only thing I can understand is that even now when I run CCleaner ... there is one pending issue that it reflects in the registry everytime and that is -

Problem - Missing TypeLib Reference
DATA - IOutlookPlug - {4A3451BE-99E0-476C-AE7F-C2A5671AC22E}
Registry key - HKCR\Interface\{A9CC9305-0A30-4015-92A0-0711EE24E720}


The TypeLib referenced at: Interface\{A9CC9305-0A30-4015-92A0-0711EE24E720} could not be located. These references are often left behind after uninstalling software.

Solution: Delete the registry key.

I press ( FIX ISSUE ) -
It shows - ISSUE FIXED but again the sane message crops up when I run the ccleaner to analyse registry problems.

Could there be any corelation between these.

I am really very depressed because of unable to solve this issue. and would be very very very very grateful to anyone who can help

I am running - NORTON INTERNET SECURITY SOFTWARE. Also I am running windows defender. I also use MSN Messanger frequently. That all about the softwares that areinstalled.

I was using IE 6.0 until few days ago and recently downloaded IE 7.0 but the problem was there earlier also and is still there.

Looking forward for some kind soul to help me



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Ok After pulling my hair out and messing around with options and settings for 18hrs total I have figuired it out when rebooted press f2 when in setup scroll down to onboard devices click enter then down to flash cache modual should say enabled turn that off then scroll up to sata operation and choose ata then exit and save and try to reboot this worked for me. at worst case scinerio you can always put it back good luck and I hope this works for you
Tnx TREV it WORKS FOR ME....After 10 days of finding a Solutions..Finally..
I hope it works for me this is crazy.thank you ...
Worked perfect for me. Thank you
Ok, my suggestion for the original poster is that if the issue is still not resolved, and you want to know for sure whether it is software or hardware related, reinstall Windows XP. I'm certain that this is a more time effective way compared to 3 months of trouble shooting on a forum with hundres of people suggesting to use software's such as registry fixes which will only worsen problem in most cases.

If the issue persists after re-install, take out all hardware devices disconnect DVD player, CD writer, sound, LAN, additional hard drives, everything that can be disconnected) (Except for 1 memory module, the CPU & graphics card if not onboard)

See how the system runs.

If the same problem occurs the issue is not with any of the devices which you took out, report back to the forum and you can start diagnosing the remaining components (ie try another graphics card/memory module/cpu/hdd if possible).

If the issue was resolved than it was software related and the issue is resolved.

Another option if you wish to go for Microsofts suspected heat issue is purchase another PC tower with good cooling fans/sinks.

As for the last person to post the 0x00190203, 0x839D72A8, 0xc0000102, 0x00000000 error message.
This is a problem with either the hard drive (Bad clusters perhaps) or corrupted files on the hard drive.

To resolve try one of the 2 options:

A: grab your Windows installation CD and boot the CD as per this website's instructions:

B: If you can boot into windows follow these instructions:

I got this same problem on my IBM Thinkpad Z61m.

But it got resolved, When I went into BIOS(press F1 while booting to goto bios)......and changed the
HDD property to Compatability mode. Save and restart.

Everything was normal. Try this good luck.
Wow, so simple but it worked.
I had the some problem on my IBM Thinkpad T41.
thx kcris I followed the some structure lik u. it really worked
Well Microsoft and IBM were always gonna shift the blame. Not to worry let me do some research and I should get back to you in about 3 days max with a solution mate.


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Hi, I have a problem with my dell laptop running vista. Basically whenever I start it up windows asks me if I want to start it running normally or repair mode. Whenever I select either of these options I allways end up getting a blue screen with the error message

STOP: 0X000000F4 (0X00000003,0X84BA04D0,0X84BA061C,0X81290330)

Now im not really sure what to do and im not sure what has caused this, as everything worked normally and this has just happened randomly, any help would be greatly appreciated,

I guess you updates..or .Net Framework...either one of these had made your OS corrupted.

Try to check your Boot options, try changing the HDD values...and reboot.
Okay I had a similar problem to this, where a USB stick would cause an immediate BSOD. USB Mouse and printer worked fine. I had Ubuntu on another partition and whenever I plugged in the same USB stick in the same computer, it worked. So I figured it had to do with the drivers, so I uninstalled Windows Service Pack 3 and installed Service Pack 3 again. Now it works fine, a great relief.

Have a nice day

I was wondering if you could give me great assistance on fixing my Dell windows XP laptop. I haven't got professional help yet because I am hoping its not that serious; none of my friends or family members who know a good deal about computers can find the solution to my problem. The problem starts midway as the windows xp loads before the welcome screen. the blue screen comes up even before I even start any programs; its unlike the usual case where the computer suddenly reboots itself during usage. so the blue screen comes up and this is exactly what it says on the screen-

Disable or uninstall any antivirus, disk fragmentation or backup utilities. Check your hard drive configuration, and check for any updated drivers. Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption, and then restart your computer.

technical information

*** STOP: 0x00000024 (0x00190203, 0x85774008, 0xc0000102, 0x00000000)

my dad thinks theres been a corruption in the hard drive for not properly turning the computer off, so I went to reboot the system but it doesn't work, the safe mode doesn't work, nothing worked so I tried the diagnostic test for any errors on the system and there was a few and if I can recall it was related to the hardrive. I ran the test for the windows blue screen on the symptoms tree. So after about 3 hours of the test it showed aout 6 errors. and I don't know how to fix them.

I'm not sure if I gave you enough information but if you have a question plz feel free to email me. And with all due respect plz try to come up with a solution that you might think would work as soon as possible!!

thank you so much-
Heya ahrl. Ok, to start off with have you ran the checkdisk /r or checkdisk /f?

If not that is the 1st thing to do on your PC.
In my previous post just above you there is a link "A: grab your Windows installation CD and boot the CD as per this website's instructions: "

Follow that one and let me know the results :)
ahrl > b12blib
Feb 11, 2009 at 05:44 PM
thank your for repling so quicky, obviously im using a different computer to ask you these questions. Anyways I wanted to ask you a few questions before I get I started,

one is if I recover the hard drive following your directions will it erase every bit of files that was left on the laptop because when I ran the test the computer had no such memory problems.

two is, can you tell me the first few steps for running the checklst you metioned as soon as I turned the computer on, the steps from there?...i'd really appreciate it.

thank you again, plz email me asap
b12blib > ahrl
Feb 12, 2009 at 01:03 AM
Hi ahrl. Backing up files if possible is always a good idea. THere are various ways to do so.
But in case of the chkdsk /f. This is not a complete system recovery.

What this command does is scan your system drive for indescrepancies and errors within the Windows XP File system & Registry.

If it finds any errors it will attempt to repair these, though it will not replace any missing files.

If you use your Windows XP Install CD, just let the CD load and once loaded, select that you wish to use the recovery console (Not the install mode)

Once you have the console up the instructions from the website url provided will guide you on how to run the chkdsk /f (or chkdsk /r) command. F stands for full scan, R stands for repair.

Some deeper explanation of the recovery console can be found here if you are interested (Always good to know what you are doing, never blindly believe people on forums cause they claim to know everything):

Also if your PC came with a manufacturors OS CD probably best not to use it if you are uncertain. Instructions are exact. If you cannot find them, the cd you have has no recovery console.

On the following link there is a work around minding that you have a floppy drive reader.

Look for the text "Accessing the Recovery Console Without a Windows CD" on this link:

If that fails there is another way to keep your files by doing a repair install, though if you select the wrong options for that (I'll post instruction or find them if the previous suggestion does not work) than you could potentially loose your files.

Cheers & good luck. Just report back here again if you continue to have problems. I'm not a registered user, so I cannot see your email address to email you. This way might be better so others can also use the information provided :)
if you didnt get it fixed, it happend to my comp a couple of times how I fixed it was push the floppy disk eject repeatedly while tapping f8 and booting with the most recent settings that worked
plz help my lappy is showing bluescreen error which I have brought 3 ago my os is windows 7 how can fix it please help me.
hi! is this problem resolved? if it is please post here what you've done to resolve the memory dump/hardware failure/computer reboot problem. Because I experienced the same thing just yesterday and I'm in panic because I might not able to use my laptop properly. I've been programming in Netbeans when I notice memory dump and when I played songs in Windows Media Player, the blue screen appeared and said bla bla bla what I did was to remove the battery of the laptop and turn it on again. I brought it to school and my friend helped me. What we did was to restore the system to its last known good state.

You can find system restore in Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>>System Restore

And the system has been good so far, I dont know when will it reboot again and I'm thinking of reformatting it.
oh man.......
someone please give us the solution to this problem..............
we want the concrete reasons too............
rey > abhirulez001
Jan 5, 2010 at 11:16 AM
solution is already given by trev. I have the same problem before with HP.
it seems that this happends wenever I play warcraft 3

Once in a while I play the game then my computer screen freeze but the sound is still on!
i w8ted for 10 mins or so hoping it'll unfreeze. yet it still stays the same.
i then press any key and my computer restarts by it self.

once I get to my desktop, an error window pops out and shows two files that said to have an error:


ive reserached and tried everything I could trying to fix it.....

please help!!
The blue screen is a very complex thing. It comes with an assortment of different symptoms depending on why you have a blue screen. A lot of times you will get a blue screen from a virus. When you do, you are able to go into safe mode and save your important data. But if you get it due to a problem with windows (or even occasionally a virus damages windows), it wont start up at all. I go to an all computer school and recently the school system was infected with a blue screen virus. Unfortunately, it was the type that doesnt let you boot windows at all. There are two choices for this: 1. Re-image your computer or 2. get a program into your flashdrive that boots up your computer. Option two was referred to me by a friend and he did not tell me what program it was, so sorry :(. well, if you would like more information, this might be helpful:
hellow dear,
u just downlode the combofix on ur system then run its on ur system in safe mode.if its does not helpful so pls to;d me about that.
Before doing the re-install of Windows i'd suggest using a data recovery program like Selkie Rescue Data Recovery ( it allows you to by-pass Windows and grab all your data and you can put it on another computer using a crossover cable or network(super easy) THEN go ahead and do the re-install without losing your data. When you're finished, just migrate your files back to your computer (it keeps it all in the same order--love it!)
I am ajay. live in india(mharashtra:aurangabad)
my pc problem is pc reastart automatically after bluue screen error
I have no proper solution.
so, I sent prorer solution.
I have format pc(full drive) check ram check processor all connection but no solve bsod problem hence xp is corrupt again and again and pc is reastart automatically.
Apr 14, 2010 at 08:32 PM
oh, now it did not uninstall windows, did you?.....anyone having the problem as ajay and brittney, please read my very long but correct solution first.
lol unlucky mate blue screen of death XD
What about ?

Check Processor socket for dust.
Check memory slot for dust
Check Memory with MEMTEST_86.
UPDATE ALL drivers no mather what drivers there are.
Try registry cleaner and some other soft for bad clusters on HD.
Check all conection and cables inside PC
Just for everyone to know. I solved random locking simply by putting the PC in a separate wall socket and wall strip. I think with my home theater receiver, speakers, and the PC. The outlet was overloaded.

So if ALL else fails, try this. Just sharing my findings.
And Britneys suggestion is not too bad either, a re-install is pretty handy sometimes :)
Put windows CD in drive next Boot PC from CD Rom drive when it loads Press R

Type with keyboard the following

CHKDSK <press spacebar> /r

now press Enter

Let the PC or Laptop sit doing a scan and fix for 4 hours until it finished, at the end it will tell you if the problem been fixed.

Now type EXIT and Press Enter key the computer will reboot you can take the cd out.

Lucky Dell Laptop users can boot up and press F12 use hardware diagnostic as another test to see if you have any hardware problems Dell say if you get more than 3 errors for the hard drive blocks testing you need a new drive.


I have Thinkpad T61 with Windows XP Professional. This problem started after the installation of SP3. I had been using my computer for one year without any problems with SP2. I'm affraid I have to reinstall it once again and disable automatic updates so it will not install SP3.
I'm also running Fedora 10 on the same notebook a it works fine, so I'm pretty sure it's not any harware issue...

ccleaner always finds "problems" half of them are not problems (If not more) they are empty MRU's left behind after opening & closing programs. If you delete, use PC, reboot and run ccleaner again you will find some are back again.

generally I would tell people to refrain from using registry programs. They can cause for more harm than good at times. (reg cleaners don't discriminate in what they see as "rubbish")

However. I use a Thinkpad T61 at work running XP with SP3 no problems.
Seeing as MS always uses overheating as an excuses when in doubt (They could have requested you to send the dump files for analyzes or advised to download the dump file reader from their side if you know how to read them) I would say the overheating is unlikely (Unless you genuinely can feel a hot part on the laptop around the fan outlets (warm is normal, hot is not) or if parts of the laptops feel hot.

As ccleaner did help a bit I would agree the problem is software.

Again run a checkdisk (Go to my computer, right click C:\ drive, properties, tools, check disk, tick both boxes, click yes when prompted that drive is in use need to reboot message, and reboot)

This will truly fix the default MS registry properly and scan for errors.

If that fails either run a repair on windows, or install from scratch. (Trust me, reinstalling the operating system saves sooo much time! Takes perhaps half a day including application reinstall & update, but would def fix any software issues haha. If you don't want to concider it unless you got a good reason for it :)

Setting preferences is waaaay less time consuming that dealing with a problem for days and days :).
just check your video card on your computer
plz any software ram problems download - problems restart blue screen damage programs not open plz plz plzzzzzzz
I forgot to add in the above post that she said the problem started after updating to sp3 for windows xp home, so I told her to uninstall the last update(sp3) and she did, and still having this problem. LOL, I told her to just reinstall windows, but she doesn't want to lose her data.

Windows XP and Vista Problems
Jan 11, 2009 at 08:41 PM
The first thing you need to do is watch the blue screen very careful and observe the problem driver(s) Write them down axactly as they appear on the blue creen. Then follow the instructions below:

Click on the Control panel button.
Notice the problem driver when the Blue Screen appears, such as: aspi21.sys or others. Write down this problem driver or drivers if there is more than one driver causing the memory dump.
Put your computer in safe mode.
When Windows restarts open the 'Computer' folder.
Open your primary HD drive C:
Open Windows/System32/drivers.
Delete the problem driver(s)
Restart your computer in the normal startup mode.
Access the Control panel.
If no Memory Dump occurs, the problem is solved.

Also disable any old scanners, camers, printers, whose drivers are not compatible with XP or Vista.

Best regards,

Email Id removed for security
intel D915 board
Jan 12, 2010 at 01:15 PM
i cannot install VGA driver if I do my system get restart and gave me BIOS error on blue screen.
Then again I have to install windows OS..
what should I do?
nignog > intel D915 board
Jan 28, 2010 at 09:17 AM
to me that sounds like you have your vga card slot turned off in bios, this is done when you have onboard video and are using it. if you want to turn it back on, go into your bios at startup and into your vga settings, they are all different depending on the model motherboard and version of bios you have so you'll have to find it. look for vga settings and something that says anything like "turn off vga" or "use on-board". just dont play around too much in your bios because you can do some real harm to your computer by having wrong settings there.
loveguru > intel D915 board
Feb 9, 2010 at 03:42 AM

first of u can chek the hard disk problem and becuse I think my view hard disk prolem yeh ram problem and u can check the system and u open the hard disk connicton open and u restart the system and open the bious del press and open the bius and bius is ok so u ca say hard disk problem then u back up data in uther harddisk and pendrive
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