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I joined Facebook a few months ago, but couldn't understand how to use it, none of the settings were configurable, it was drviing me nuts so (finally!) found out how to delete or de-activate the account. I decided to deactivate it for a while until I could get my head round how the Facebook system is supposed to work. However a few days ago I received a spam email went from a fake Facebook address, and thinking my account might have been hacked went and logged into the site (and thereby was automatically re-activated (or so I thought).

But I still am unable to "do" anything with the account profile/info. It appears to be locked somehow. I cannot edit anything, neither the profile nor privacy settings, nothing seems to be working/alterable. All I could do was change the password which I did. It would not even let me de-activate this time and got me so annoyed I thought I'd delete the account and start again by resubscribing with a different email address. But it would not even let me delete the account! and when I tried to join up for a new account on the register page, even using a different email address, it will not let me do so! Any suggestions most welcome.

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Feb 8, 2010 at 02:27 AM
Dear Sir,

If you have been able to access to it again, it is because you had disabled it temporarily. You should have disabled it permanently from the settings panel. Also if you find that you are having trouble with the account that you have created, do contact the Facebook Support for them to get the problem fixed.