Call of duty 1 training problems [Solved/Closed]

 kaka -
I installed call of duty 1 on my pc but in the training mission for the grenades, when I throw in the grenades in the windows they do not seem to register with the engine. As a result I cant progress further down.

Please help

thanks in advance

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I faced the same problem Vin, when I did the the first time....But no site could provide any information on it....Now that I have done it, I can share with you....All you need to do is to aim towards the window a little above as the grenade would assume the parabolic path and thus you need to aim just above each window...The door is easy to do. The objective is to throw the grenade into the windows or door. And also lie low after you have thrown it right....Every time you do it right the beep sound should tell you that its done.
Thank you

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hey same here dose the sound work?
What about the rifle one? When it says shoot the target 12 I used ALL my ammo and no shots registered... Sorry for such a bump...

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