My laptop no support win xp i want install

Raj - Feb 13, 2010 at 10:39 AM
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Basicly.. Laptop is working as it supposed to work with windows Vista, but the problem is.. i dont like that system. i would like to change it to Windows XP but whenever i try to run setup.. it crashes in the middle with blue screen saying that my hard disk might be damaged or there might be some viruses.
I tried to install windows 2000 and even 98.. but i recive exactly the same error at the same point. My friends told me that there must be some kind of protection on hard disk not letting me do it.

so.. my question is: how can i remove windows Vista and install windows XP?

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Feb 13, 2010 at 12:22 PM
A genuine M$ Catch-22 has got ya. The problem is that the XP install disk does not have the right drivers for an AHCI SATA controller. So it tries assuming an IDE system and can't find one. There may be two solutions:

1. MAYBE you can find an AHCI driver for your mobo's controller. Check their website. If you can download such a driver, put it on a floppy disk (assuming you have a drive.) Now, very early in the install procedure for XP you will see briefly a prompt that says you should press the "F6" key if you have special drivers to load. Do that, and the process may not appear to react, but a bit later it will come up with a screen asking whether you want to install drivers from the floppy drive. You hit "S" to say yes, and it will look at your disk and show you the drivers available. You MIGHT need to do this more than once - it will only install one driver at a time, then come back to ask if there are more. Eventually you have no more and you just hit "Enter" to continue. XP will load and use those drivers to access the HDD, then remember where they are and come back later to load them onto the HDD itself as part of the permanent installation.

2. Forget all that, and just set your HDD drive to IDE mode in the BIOS, then load XP normally. When it's all done, search Microsoft's Knowledge Base (or maybe here in the forums) for the procedure that allows you to change the HDD interface system from IDE to AHCI on an already-installed-and-running Windows XP system. I don't remember the details, but I'm sure I have seen it and it can be done.

3. use the "nlite" program to "slipstream" the AHCI driver into the Windows XP install disk. Google nlite for instructions.

As you can see all these solutions require an advanced knowledge of Windows and computers.

Good Luck