Transfer data between sheets in excel

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This involves an attendance sheet. A tab for each month with columns for weekly attedance and a total for the month and a summary tab containing the students names and the monthly totals.
I would like to transfer students' names and the monthly totals associated with each name to a summary sheet.

If you would like the exact attendance sheet, I can send that along.



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You can try this

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Dim C As Long
Dim Cell As Range
Dim NextRow As Long
Dim Rng As Range
Dim EntryWks As Worksheet
Dim DBWks As Worksheet
C = 1
Set EntryWks = Worksheets("Sheet1")
Set DBWks = Worksheets("Sheet2")
Set Rng = EntryWks.Range("B6:ad6")

NextRow = DBWks.UsedRange.Rows.Count
NextRow = IIf(NextRow = 1, 1, NextRow + 1)

For Each RA In Rng.Areas
For Each Cell In RA
C = C + 1
DBWks.Cells(NextRow, C) = Cell
Next Cell
Next RA
End Sub
Help!!!! this what I have. I have a work book with several tabls each tab represents a week day (example: Monday, Tuesday, and so on) Each day is a work sheet filled with formulas of time turned into hours worked with a total cell at the bottom.

What I am trying to do on another work sheet is make a table that say anlong the top the weeks such as 9/11/09, 9/18/09 and so on with the days of the week running down the left saying Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I want the totals from the tabed weekdays to automatical fill into the new sheet.

Can some one please help me with this????

Thank you
No complicated situation to add to the above, just THANKS for the simple solution that works like a charm!

I have an excel data which is like my database, having all product information; name, cat. no., price, description. I want to link this excel to any new excel I create for Purchase orders, so I can retrieve the product information with just simple typing of product name.

Is there a way I can do this?

It will be of great help.

Thanks Much Guys.
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Hello Ham,

For your request to receive the appropriate attention, it would be best to start a new thread. Please include a sample of your work book (be careful with any sensitive data) and offer a solid explanation of what you would like to do and achieve.
You can upload a sample by using a free file sharing site such as DropBox, SpeedyShare or

Thank you Ham.

Can anyone help me with this?

I have an excel file with multiple sheets with account #'s associated with billing...

I want to make a new sheet that will allow me to type in the customers account # and have that bring up the amount they owe from whatever sheet the account number comes from.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
Open both spreadsheets. In the spreadsheet where you want the information to appear click on that cell and enter the equal sign. Then go to the Windows tab and choose the other spreadsheet. Click on the cell that you want to import the information from. Then hit enter.

This should work. If you are using a new version of Office or Visio the tab maybe titled differently.
To barbie0976

I used your "='s & enter" tip with great success. Now my problem is saving the imported information. Even after "Saving As" the (target) file to a new name, the imported data changes whenever the original (source) numbers change. Can it somehow be 'locked' in and kept in my 'history' file for future reference. FYI, it has to do with utility meter readings which change from month to month. Thanks!!
once you have done with the above proceedure of = & enter, remove the formula from the the cell by copying and right click in your mouse select past SPECIAL(select VALUE when you in the options) and click ok. so the formula will be removed so as no data will be changed.
I want to do the above function to all the cells in excel, is there any shortcuts available for this.
Thank you very much, it works perfectly.
u r a genius barbie! thank u
i want to transform 5 cell from sheet1 to my account table in sheet 2