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hi i have bought samsung star i have a problem regarding sms can save 500 sms but i got a problem when phone recieves 200 sms it shows the memory full, please help.
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hii , the same problem is wid me...the 500 messages r split as followin: 200-inbox , 200-sent , 50- outbox , 50 - draft. folders that u create , will b counted as inbox space...

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thanx fr the answer maddy..
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i also own a samsung star.. when you receive a message, sometimes it's being saved in your phone's memory, sometimes in your SIM, and this i don't know why. if your phone prompts that sms error message, i guess it simply means that your SIM has accommodated its maximum no. of sms. you can monitor it in your memory status in your phone's memory settings, then messages, then text messages. it shows how many messages stored in your sim and in your phone. now, my question is how to automatically store your message in your phone's memory when you receive a message so that you don't have to "move the message to phone" manually